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César Ch.



“It was a painful yet revealing experience to record this set. I even doubted to leave it like this but I think it was a necessary exercise of healing. My sets are known for its conceptual and narrative approach towards hybrid club music. I didn’t care about that in this mix.

I selected this tracks without any technical, conceptual or any other care than my emotions and I blended them with strange sensations in my guts and with tears in my eyes. Without any concept nor idea behind, this mix is an attempt to communicate the intense emotions I’m going through right now with music that has a deeply symbolic value to me.”



Co-founder of the internet-based, experimental club music label DNTFCK, César Ch. is a music explorator, visual deconstructer and a digital art researcher from Mexico City. Most of his DJ sets explore the possibilities of contemporary approaches on dance music for creating virtual narratives and futuristic environments. His mixes sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a dystopic transhumanist dancefloor in an alienish church.



Björk – Pagan Poetry (El Irreal Veintiuno Remix)
FVBIO – Chimera
La Favi / Soiceytrap – Betta
Selena – Como La Flor (Mr.Kitty Remix)
Conejx – glitchinthematrix
Kylo – Sentimiento
Galtier & Recluse – Jade Pillar
DJ Rankng – On The Floor (Rankng Extended Club Edit)
The Chemical Brothers – MAH (Electronic Battle Weapon Version)
Soda Plains x Xzavier Stone x Richelle x Sinjin Hawke – ALL BLACK SHAKOT (Yantan Ministry Edit)
Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Tribal Crew Remix)
DJ Sonic Ft Eduardo Arias – Mexican-Experiment
Rulez – SNEAK
Howie Lee – 黄土高坡
Astrosuka – Lady Shmurda Ha (El Edit del Tercer World)
Resla – Indígena (Ft Spaceseeds)
DJ Skarley, El Candela Ft Franky La Combinacion Perfecta – Mi Razón
Betapack – Shadowstarter & Madonna – Sorry
Ice MC – Think About The Way (Lazy Flow Afro Funk Edit)
Syntrovert – Through The Mountains, Toward The Ocean
Moa Pillar – Mind Transfer
Dirty K – h y p e
BTS – FAKE LOVE (Tzekin Edit)
Holly Herndon – Frontier