w/ I Siluri


«Words mean one thing to one person, another thing to another person; they are unintelligible to one generation, plain as a pikestaff to the next. And it is because of this complexity that they survive. Perhaps then one reason why we have no great poet, novelist or critic writing to-day is that we refuse words their liberty. We pin them down to one meaning, their useful meaning, the meaning which makes us catch the train, the meaning which makes us pass the examination. And when words are pinned down they fold their wings and die. Finally, and most emphatically, words, like ourselves, in order to live at their ease, need privacy. Undoubtedly they like us to think, and they like us to feel, before we use them; but they also like us to pause; to become unconscious. Our unconsciousness is their privacy; our darkness is their light... That pause was made, that veil of darkness was dropped, to tempt words to come together in one of those swift marriages which are perfect images and create everlasting beauty. But no — nothing of that sort is going to happen to-night. The little wretches are out of temper; disobliging; disobedient; dumb. What is it that they are muttering? ‘Time’s up! Silence!’»





Ep. 6 - Tutto mi sembra com'è


  1. Cos’è l’anarchia? (da “La parola, il fatto”)
  2. Joan Sutherland – Giudici, ad Anna (da “Anna Bolena”)
  3. Tripper_Boy – Sacrifice
  4. Fuck – La Jolla
  5. Stornelli raccolti da Alan Lomax e Diego Carpitella
  6. Plaid – Uneasy Listening
  7. R.U.N.I. – Imbocca il down tedesco
  8. Abdullo Nazriev – Nargisi Mastona
  9. David Thomas and Two Pale Boys – Night Driving
  10. Il lupo
  11. Miss Q Lee – L’amore
  12. Danio Manfredini – Stupido Hotel
  13. Daisy Lumini – Stornelli mugellani
  14. Autechre – all end

Ep. 5 - Viburnum odoratissimum thyrrenicum


  1. Luciano Bianciardi feat. Antoine – I beatnik italiani
  2. Motta – Roma stasera
  3. Tommaso Tanzini – Unici
  4. Ico Gattai – Metal
  5. Luciano Bianciardi – da “Il lavoro culturale”
  6. Smog – Hit The Ground Running
  7. Irma Thomas – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is
  8. Hüsker Dü – Diane
  9. Luigi Tenco – Hobby
  10. George Michael – Outside
  11. Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
  12. Ансамбль Александрова – Калинка
  13. Barbara Sukova – Capri Fischer
  14. XTC – Making Plans For Nigel
  15. Mazzy Star – Fade Into You
  16. My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow

Ep. 4 - Canzoni preferite


  1. Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around
  2. Gilberto Gil – Expresso 2222
  3. Choir Boy – Toxic Eye
  4. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat
  5. Bruce Springsteen – Sherry Darling
  6. Edith Piaf – La vie en rose
  7. Leonard Cohen – Suzanne
  8. Ulver – Moody Stix
  9. Make Up – We Can’t Be Contained
  10. The Who – My Generation
  11. Talking Heads – Nothing But Flowers
  12. Smog – Dress Sexy At My Funeral
  13. Simon & Garfunkel – To Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
  14. Lucio Battisti – Acqua azzurra, acqua chiara

Ep. 3 – Gobbledygoo

“Se risentimento ha per causa / questa lunga campagna militare / per forza v’aggiungo ch’era / nel mio sogno una intera / visione del vostro dipinto / non di difficoltà di rosa / ma come se fosse, nell’esistenza / di qui, l’alloro che morale / m’aveva ingiunto a dirmi / ch’io sono tra i grandi e / nascondo perfino il piccolo / di tra i miei sospetti ora / stretti ora larghi, sulle / vostre mancerie d’una volta / per scherzo ci sputavate sopra / qual è la guerra a cui m’ingaggiaste?”


  1. Дмитрий Дмитриевич Шостакович – Шесть стихотворений Марины Цветаевой. Вокальный цикл для контральто и фортепиано, соч. 143, оркестровая версия: 1. Мои стихи
  2. Sylvia Plath – Daddy
  3. Young Marble Giants – Credit In The Straight World
  4. Lead Belly – We’re in the Same Boat, Brother
  5. Simone De Beauvoir – On Feminism, 1967
  6. Archie Shepp – Damn If I Know
  7. Viagra Boys – Sports
  8. Tony Oxley – Brushes
  9. Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers – I Want You To Be My Girl
  10. Amelia Rosselli – da “Impromptu”
  11. Mary Jane Leach – 4BC
  12. Ornella Vanoni – Tristezza

Ep. 2 – Né sconvolte né disorientate

“Lei mi ha voluto strappare ai gorghi; mi ha voluto restituire alla vita. Sì, ma dico: a quale vita? A quella di prima no, perché mi piaceva così poco, tant'è vero che mi sono buttato nel fiume. Perciò, mi dica lei: che vita mi vuol dare? Che vita mi ha preparato? Io sto qui tutt’orecchie ad ascoltarla.”


  1. Fufi Sonnino - Tango della femminista
  2. Alberto Piacentino & Salvatore Frigerio - Canti dei salinai
  3. Giovanna Daffini - Amore mio non piangere
  4. Geri Halliwell - It's Raining Men
  5. Canto a tarantella
  6. Roy Hart demonstrates primaeval sounds
  7. Birco Clinton feat. Chouchou Salvador - Armée Rouge
  8. Mino Reitano - Calabria mia
  9. Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black
  10. Горловое пение на Алтае
  11. Ttukunak - Improvisação
  12. Gino Cervi e Totò - da "Il coraggio"
  13. Lando Fiorini - Canto dei carcerati
  14. Canto dei battipali
  15. Chet Baker - I Fall In Love Too Easily
  16. Werner Hasler & Kamilya Jubran - Yama
  17. Chanson du décervelage
  18. Giuni Russo feat. Carmelitane scalze - La sposa
  19. Kanye West - No More Parties in LA
  20. Marlene Dietrich - Lili Marlene
  21. Philip Glass - Spaceship

Ep. 1 – Fregata Magnificens

“Thus, from the war of nature, from famine and death, the most exalted object which we are capable of conceiving, namely, the production of the higher animals, directly follows. There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.”


  1. Charles Darwin feat. Magnificent Frigatebird – The Origin of Species
  2. La Señora – Canción Islas Galápagos
  3. June of 44 – Equators to Bi-polar
  4. Sugarcubes – Birthday
  5. Lars Johan Werle – From a Letter from Lesbia
  6. Virginia Woolf – Craftsmanship
  7. L’Effondras - L'âne Rouge
  8. Georg Friedrich Händel – Meine Seele hört im Sehen
  9. Harvey Milk – Last Words
  10. Freddie Mercury – The Great Pretender
  11. Cheb Khaled – Aicha
  12. Ambra – T'appartengo
  13. Audrey Hepburn – Moon River
  14. Judy Garland – Over The Rainbow
  15. Asmahan – Ya Habibi Ta'ala
  16. Orchester Paul Godwin – Im Weißen Rößl am Wolfgangsee