Grafting Roses



w/ Undicesimacasa

Grafting Roses
  1. insert (a shoot or a twig) as a graft;
  2. transplant (living tissue) as a graft;
  3. combine or integrate (an idea, system, ect.) with another, typically in a way considered inappropriate;
  4. obvious unsuccessful flirting


UNDICESIMACASA è un collettivo artistico nato a Bologna nel 2019 dal desiderio di abbattere i muri tra le diverse realtà musicali underground contemporanee a sostegno dell'idea che forme e generi diversi possano coesistere e contaminarsi, dando vita a un ambiente ibrido e in continua evoluzione.

UNDICESIMACASA is an artistic collective born in Bologna in 2019 from the desire to break down the walls between the different contemporary underground musical scenes, supporting the idea that different shapes and genres can coexist and contaminate, giving life to a hybrid and constantly evolving environment.



Canina - Political Noize

All tracks written mixed and mastered by political_noize except for a track by my bfam Rell which starts at min 35. Samples from Washington Post Live News The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on ABC. Talks by: Trevor Noah journalist, comedian, host of the daily show. Patrisse Cullors one of the BLM movement founders. Prof. Alex S. Vitale Professor of Sociology and Coordinator of the Policing and Social Justice Project at Brooklyn College. Riots were recorder in Minneapolis,La Mesa and NYC by independent reporters and were streamed on Woke and Unicorn Riots. I would like to thank all of of them for the amazing work they are doing covering the protests.


    Alchemica - Carolina Martines + Das Abuela


    1. Humming bird song - spiritual songs, traditional chants & flute music of the american indian
    2. Privacidad - Funeral
    3. Sum Sum – Clara y Maoupa
    4. Greeted by Tir (Տիր) – Lara Sarkissian
    5. Arabic Tubes – Ceramics
    6. Bizarr – Patricia Kokett
    7. Configuration – Ye Gods
    8. Relax it’s just eggs – Free Range
    9. Erotico Mango – Ipnotico Tango
    10. Piss & Leather – Luke Mawdsley
    11. Urania (Time Lecture) – TRjj
    12. Dancing and Blood – Low
    13. Muirbhigh (Ossia remix) – Sam Binga & Welfare
    14. 伊呂波 – IROHA – Sugai Ken
    15. The funeral of a woman whose soul is trapped in the sun – Ak’Chamel, The Giver of Illness
    16. Katsina – Mamaleek
    17. Mondo Music (II) – Cannibal Movie
    18. Inquisitio – Eyvind Kang
    19. Hopi Plaque Song - spiritual songs, traditional chants & flute music of the american indian

    Spinosissima - Fera + Donato Acquavita


    1. Strategie Operative - Starfuckers
    2. Bears Ears Disappears - German Army
    3. Quattro Studi (su un’intervista) - Starfuckers
    4. Remote Polyphony (feat. Steve Hauschii) - Christina Vantzou
    5. Deep (feat. Arca) - Babyfather
    6. Canti a Forbice - Massimo Toniutti
    7. “Candy Bullets and Moon” - Meredith Monk
    8. Ramo - Fera
    9. Heron Dance - Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton
    10. Untitled - IVVVO feat. Maxwell Sterling
    11. Behold - Oren Ambarchi & Jim O’Rourke
    12. Ancestors - Gonjasufi
    13. Mela - Fera
    14. La Promesse - Disiz
    15. All of This - New Model Army
    16. The Long Division - Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach
    17. Binaca Raptor - Honnda
    18. Telephax 030 - Overmono
    19. Yoshi City - Yung Lean
    20. A I Sha - Akio Suzuki
    21. Rockets in ursa major - Daphne Oram
    22. Flickering Debris - Lanark Artefax
    23. Last Days - IVVVO feat. Maxwell Sterling
    24. Tartiana seconda III (presto leggerissimo) - Luigi Dallapiccola
    25. Fifth World - German Army
    26. Symphony of Sirens - Arseny Avraamov
    27. RALLY - Meredith Monk
    28. Hi Ka Ri - Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda
    29. Vattenpromenad (feat. Acronym) - Isorinne

    Spinosissima - Fera + Donato Acquaviva