Greed For Life




Greed For Life

Terminata la guarigione, lo spirito avanza e conquista il proprio spazio negato.

Una pulsione alla vita ora muove le fila del sistema corpo-mente e non desidera che il riempimento di questa con ogni esperienza possibile, ogni cosa che riscalda il cuore e crea connessioni fra tutto ciò che si muove e fa fiorire desideri a propria volta.

Un'immensa rete di visioni ed esperienze si apre così come ponte verso il riempimento emozionale dell'esistenza.

333coconutz è un progetto artistico e musicale di Duccio Pisoni (classe '98), dedito alla mutazione/speculazione del reale al fine di plasmarne una nuova percezione fantastica-spirituale-biologica. Dal 2017 ha pubblicato due album, molteplici opere digitali, grafico-incisorie ed un libro di magia Paleo-extraterrestre.



Ep. 3 - The self surface in a sea of terror and tears

Bless on those quiet days, a holy path of rescue

it may be a mind thing, a trick, a strike to the heart

the revelation venue, squared and quarantined

twelve on thirteen explosions - twelve or eighteen

here we are, baby

the Supermassive Limbo extend itself only for us

cobblestone auto-generates for us


Sorrow pave the way to the light

bitter biscuits gates

Sorrow pave the way to the light

in an eternal crisis cause I don't know myself right

hyper-concussive slighterin throne

gobbles’s cream insted of bones

fungi connected to life like i'm not human anymore

fungi connected to life like i'm not human anymore

fungi connected to life like i'm not human anymore

fungi connected to life like i'm not human anymore

fungi connected to life like i'm not human anymore

not anymore, baby


  1. Avalanche Death
  2. Crown Shyness
  4. Dida & Gapi
  6. BigDog30k
  7. t0ni
  8. Otro
  9. N9899
  10. Reid Babbington
  11. My Sword
  12. Stargirl
  13. Oliver Coates

Ep. 2 - Gouging souls through the earth vessel

Freezeing are the winds of change, a crushing brainstorm

I break every bones on this path

little parts resist and drag themeselves as a trashbag on the shoulder of the Soul

Darkwraith king of myself the world will never hurt me as much as me

and totally naked eaten alive by worms on the road to home, I got lost

where is home? what am I? I can see through my wounds and skin,

a thin paper sleeve where my pencil dance as watering falls run on the inside.

I Want the eyes of the stars and the body of a ghost,

I want the hands of death and the mouth of a girl

My flesh is so young yet so anonymous

Maybe it's time to dissolve and become perfect for once,

delete my desires, they are my gravestone

and dance only in the dark

Artisti in ordine sparso: Mana, Simon Thomas, Rene Hell, Tiny Mouse, Peake, A, Bela, Ecco2k, Eterna, Innerfreekling, Kazuimichi, Snow.


Ep. 1 - Lifelink

Now that the path is clear, ambition can take the place occupied by worries and guilt. It’s not a sin to desire a complete experience of life, a full connection with other essences, a lifelink long and branched enough to reach the bottom of every heart. Greed is nor good or evil, it’s just the desire to acquire, not to keep for oneself.

All tracks by: Health Potion, Kurama, Oxhy, Biyvili, Dj fun126, D v D, Ghédalia Tazartès x Bladee, Laura Les x Notorius Big reading Lovecraft, Sematary, Swaya & Valeda, Team Rockit, Torus, Timo Maas.