Pulsioni oblique


Monthly / VEN 16:00-17:00

w/ Kaczynski Edizioni

Pulsioni oblique

È la musica della vita, i suoni che hanno scandito il nostro tempo, che ci hanno accompagnato. Oltre i generi,le etichette, le mode, oltre il tempo e lo spazio. Un secolo di musica raccontata attraverso i suoni che più ci hanno infiammato. Dal blues satanico di Robert Johnson al dubstep-noise di Scorn.

Selezioni curate dai 2 fondatori dell'etichetta underground Kaczynski Editions Giuseppe Fantini e Niet F-n.

Giuseppe Fantini is one of the founders and managers of Kaczynski Editions. Guitarist, electro-manipulator member of Zero23, Ranter's Groove and a solo project called zerogroove. Obsessed by music, cigarettes and dark chocolate. He structures his works via a process called "sound breaking". His way to play erases acknowledgement, technique and rules. His way to feel erases love, hate and common sense. The only purpose is a revolutionary and unique sound.

Niet F-n is a sound artist, audio engineer, experimenter. Member of zero23, Ranter's Groove and a solo project called Ranter's bay. Founder and manager of Kaczynski Editions. Lives and works between Italy and Spain. Focused on the multiple possibilities of sound he works in different fields such as theater pieces, art exhibition and sound map.





  1. Air - All I Need
  2. Daniel Johnston - You Hurt Me
  3. Dm Stith - Creekmouth
  4. Gil Scott-Heron - Me And The Devil
  5. Giorgio Moroder - Faster Than The Speed Of Love
  6. Leonard Cohen - Avalanche
  7. MC5 - Kick Out The Jams
  8. Neil Young - Sign Of Love
  9. Pantha Du Prince - Behind The Stars
  10. Redshape - Globe
  11. Stereolab - Emperor Tomato Ketchup
  12. The Byrds - Have You Seen Her Face
  13. The Gun Club - Preaching The Blues
  14. The Kinks - Do You Remember Walter
  15. The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows