Shashin 写真



w/ dstry

Shashin 写真

Shashin: a conversation about Japanese photography it’s a monthly podcast where we will talk about Japanese photography and interviews photographer or artist related to Japan.

The podcast is hosted by dstry for zerofeedback.

Zerofeedback is an indipendent publisher based in Tokyo, oriented towards photography, architecture and culture.

Zerofeedback current project is called “Influences”.

Influences is an ongoing series of publications, inspired by the surrealist game “exquisite corpse”. A game that wants to connect two photographers who, sequentially, will influence each other for the compilation of each publication.For the first series of influences twelve publications will be printed featuring the interaction of two different photographers every issue.





Ep. 01

In our first episode, we are talking about the work of the Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto and we interviewed Alberto Ferrero about his book "Dawn Town" and his participation at the zerofeedback's project "Influences" a conversation between two photographers.

Alberto Ferrero website: